in-community peer support

We provide in-community peer support we do not provide clinical services or crisis support. 

If you or someone you know are in crisis and need urgent help follow the link bellow for advice about organisations and services that will help.






Peer Support

We provide peer support for members of the community experiencing issues with their mental health. 

We strive to demystify mental health.

In simple terms, we start with the principle that it is:

  • okay to not be okay

  • normal to not be able to cope sometimes


Talking about our worries or concerns is fundamental to our well-being, but it can be challenging to open up to our nearest and dearest friends and work colleagues; this is where peer support can help.

Our Support Groups



These are open door / drop-in groups for people who may be struggling with day to day pressures, have mental health concerns or are currently undergoing treatment and need some support, encouragement or motivation.

The group is hosted by a trained Space to Talk facilitator who has lived experience of mental health. 

The group is held at our Space office in Towcester.


These walks are a Support tool to help people who may be struggling with day to day pressures, have mental health concerns or are currently undergoing treatment need some support. Or just want to get out in the fresh air and meet people.

The groups are hosted by a trained Space to Talk facilitators who have lived experience of mental health. 

There are no restrictions with ability or experience as these walks are at a slow pace using marked trails.

Location(s): Salcey Forest & Towcester Water Meadows


Are you looking to set-up a peer support group?

The positive contribution of peer support groups is not limited to mental health. It just happens to be our area of lived experience. 

The principles of peer support were founded in physical health and the support of people recovering from or living with  disease, injury or disabilities.

We offer peer support training which is applicable to hosting or facilitation of groups regardless of the subject. If you don't have a formal community organisation, charity or enterprise, we can host groups within our organisation and provide the facilities, insurances, policies etc., required to operate a safe, effective and compliant group.



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From our lived experience, we know that taking that first step to seek support is often the most difficult step.

If you feel nervous or anxious about attending one of our groups and would prefer to talk to someone 1:1, we are here to assist.

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