Following a brief career in the military, Keith returned to studies completing a BA in Politics, Philosophy & History before moving on to work for 20 years in Telecommunications. During his career, Keith worked in various roles, including infrastructure design, operations and procurement. His personal struggles with anxiety and panic disorder resulted in bringing this career to an abrupt end.

Keith has an MSc in Psychology and a PGCert in Social Inquiry. His academic research focuses on the social aspects of psychology and the specific challenges of mental health in men.

"Mental health is often either over complicated or trivialised. Our role is to demystify the subject and help remove stigma and fear. Mental health conditions most people will encounter are explainable as a natural reaction to trials and tribulations of being human. These conditions are normal, understandable and we can learn to prevent and manage them"



Having completed 23 years in the Royal Air Force as a ground engineer in Transport & Logistics.

Throughout his military career Peter ran major expeditions around the whole of the world and was involved  in the famous Mary Rose project as well as the BBC TV Operation Iron Horse and worked closely with the training Team at RMA Sandhurst taking junior officers always on personal development courses in the Middle East.

A lot of his time as Expedition leader was developing the mind set  of individuals who struggled with mental challenges of arduous adventure training , and complex pressures of personal performance under pressure.

"I don’t see mental health as something to be afraid of as it can met with understanding and awareness. I sometimes realise that I have to take a step back and deal with the situations i find myself in however with a better understanding it’s easier to deal with my own problems."



Catherine has a BA Honours in Furniture Design and Craftsmanship. Once she became a mother, she retrained as a teacher in Design Technology so that she could spend as much time as possible with her children. Catherine was a Design and Technology teacher for ten years. After experiencing mental health issues, she took time out from teaching. Catherine decided she wanted to give something back, which led her to work as a support assistant for Learn2B and then became a tutor delivering craft sessions to adults with various mental health conditions. Catherine is a Mental Health First Aider and has undertaken multiple well-being and self-help courses such as CBT, Thinking Therapy, Mindfulness and Meditation, and Art Therapy.  She has an empathetic nature which added to her own life experiences, informs her approach to mental health.